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Rape: Why are Men on the Left the Last Ones to Get That There are Rapists in Their Midst?

Following is my response to Daniel Elsberg’s defense of Julian Aussange against those “false and slanderous” rape charges as if it is inconceivable that Aussange, because he had done important work with Wikileaks could possibly have sexually assaulted those women … Continue reading

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Expect Rape Allegations Against Assange to be Taken Seriously and Support Wikileaks

Regarding the debate that Amy Goodman hosted on Democracy Now over articles written on allegations of rape by Assange, I posted this: I made this comment on Facebook yesterday: First basic question is why Amy Goodman had Naomi Wolff on … Continue reading

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How Far Would the US, Sweden and Britian Go To Track Down A Rapist Who Has Not Insulted the US?

Some have noted how feminists like Naomi Wolfe have denounced the women in Sweden who have accused Assange of sexual misconduct.  Naomi Wolfe has made a career of denying rape and undermining the US anti-rape movement. so she is no … Continue reading

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