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Announcing an Interview on Unmaking War, Remaking Men

Tuesday, November 30, Normon Solomon, our noted journalist, historian and peace activist, will interview me on Unmaking War, Remaking Men. The hour long interview will stream live on Progressive Radio Network at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern

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Airport Pat-Downs, Military Checkpoints and the Politics of Empathy

While Thanksgiving travelers are returning home in the next few days and we will see more of their humiliation going through airport security think about those humiliating body searches that are part of the daily life of Palestinians who have … Continue reading

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Ebook for Unmaking War, Remaking Men now available

Announcing the ebook editions of UNMAKING WAR, REMAKING MEN: How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves. Now available for Kindle on Amazon and in iBookstore for Ipad. Barnes and Noble Booknook coming soon.

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Why I Call Bush a Psychopathic Leader

In my book which is a study of masculinity and war, the politics of empathy shows how we can get inside soldiers’ experiences of combat and understand what killing or wounding another human being does to the soldiers.  The damage … Continue reading

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Bush “I’m not a racist!” but What Else is His Failure of Empathy

Last week when Oprah Winfrey interviewed GW Bush he raged once again about being called a racist because of how he handled New Orleans after Katrina.  Oprah gave him the opportunity to understand the other side, even if possible to … Continue reading

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G.W. Bush, Emotional Guy or Psychopathic Leader?

Clearly George W. Bush is packaging himself as an emotional, feeling type of guy.  He will cry if he has to read a letter from his father when he became Governor of (and destroyed the economy of) Texas, so his … Continue reading

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There was something about Obama in India today likening himself to Ghandi that was unnerving.  Then I remembered George W. Bush, assuming himself to be a man of peace, calling war criminal and former Prime Minister of Israel “a man … Continue reading

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How War Trounces On Women’s Rights

My article on “How War Trounces On Women’s Rights” appears today on the Women’s Media Center magazine.  You might want to check it out:

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