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Obama’s Fiction, a July, 2011 Beginning of US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

It would make a whole lot of sense to ask if the President intends to keep his promise to draw down US troops in Afghanistan in July 2011 if you thought he actually meant to do so when he originally … Continue reading

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Killing Anti-War Protest With Ever Changing Withdrawal Dates

Did you notice how the July, 2011 deadline for beginning to remove US troops from Afghanistan that Obama announced in December, 2009 has just slipped into oblivion?  I think that if I had not been steeped for three years at … Continue reading

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How Well-Meaning Americans Are Drawn Into Opposing the Islamic Center

The extreme-right hate campaigns are aimed at reducing all Arabs and all Muslims to Al Qaeda style terrorists in the minds of Americans. In other words, they are doing the public relations work of the military in promoting fear to … Continue reading

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How Americans’ Expectation of Perfect Protection Can Kill Their Empathy and Feed Racism

Although the “Mosque Controversy” is fading from daily headlines, in today’s blog, I move on to the next question in the politics of empathy: Why do so many Americans allow themselves to be driven again into a frenzy of fear … Continue reading

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