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What if mourning on 9/11 included empathy with wars’ victims?

When will Americans regain our collective capacity for empathy? How many Americans honoring the dead of 9/11/2001 do not see the families of the millions of dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya? 9/11 does not exist as an attack … Continue reading

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How Afghans Experience American Occupation and War

This open letter from Afghan youth brings us into the experience of living under American occupation and war http://vcnv.org/open-letter-from-afghan-youth-to-our-world-leaders Just reading it engages our empathy and should re-ignite our struggle against the US wars.

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Ebook for Unmaking War, Remaking Men now available

Announcing the ebook editions of UNMAKING WAR, REMAKING MEN: How Empathy Can Reshape Our Politics, Our Soldiers and Ourselves. Now available for Kindle on Amazon and in iBookstore for Ipad. Barnes and Noble Booknook coming soon.

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Why I Call Bush a Psychopathic Leader

In my book which is a study of masculinity and war, the politics of empathy shows how we can get inside soldiers’ experiences of combat and understand what killing or wounding another human being does to the soldiers.  The damage … Continue reading

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Bush “I’m not a racist!” but What Else is His Failure of Empathy

Last week when Oprah Winfrey interviewed GW Bush he raged once again about being called a racist because of how he handled New Orleans after Katrina.  Oprah gave him the opportunity to understand the other side, even if possible to … Continue reading

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Chilean Miners – Lives Saved, War – Where Killing Is Normal

I stayed up last night glued to the television waiting for the last rescue worker who had been a half mile below ground with the 33 who had been trapped there for 69 days.  I felt part of millions all … Continue reading

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Why Empathy Requires Equality Among All Human Beings?

The politics of empathy insists on equality.  We cannot truly empathize with another unless we put ourselves on equal footing with her or him or them.  Empathy has room neither for inferior dependents nor for superior aggressors (for all superiority … Continue reading

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How Well-Meaning Americans Are Drawn Into Opposing the Islamic Center

The extreme-right hate campaigns are aimed at reducing all Arabs and all Muslims to Al Qaeda style terrorists in the minds of Americans. In other words, they are doing the public relations work of the military in promoting fear to … Continue reading

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