Expect Rape Allegations Against Assange to be Taken Seriously and Support Wikileaks

Regarding the debate that Amy Goodman hosted on Democracy Now over articles written on allegations of rape by Assange, I posted this: I made this comment on Facebook yesterday:
First basic question is why Amy Goodman had Naomi Wolff on to discuss rape. If she were taking the rape charges against Assange seriously she would not have interviewed Wolff who has done more damage to the feminist anti-rape movement in the U.S. than almost anyone else. Well, a few others come to mind. It is frightening that Michael Moore (Rachel Maddow show) was able to make a more direct, cogent statement about the rape charges against Assange than feminists in national media. The rape charges have to be taken seriously and so does the use of them to discredit him. They are not mutually exclusive.I made this comment on Facebook yesterday:
And I would add that treating rape charges as debatable because we like the work of the guy being charged sets back women’s struggle to have police, courts and society take rape seriously. This question should be settled not in debates but in the courts or if charges are not made, then they should be withdrawn and apologies made as public as the charges themselves have been.

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I am a feminist activist, author of five books including Female Sexual Slavery which launched an international movement against trafficking in human beings and a sociologist and Professor Emerita. My latest book Unmaking War, Remaking Men has prompted this blog.
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