How Far Would the US, Sweden and Britian Go To Track Down A Rapist Who Has Not Insulted the US?

Some have noted how feminists like Naomi Wolfe have denounced the women in Sweden who have accused Assange of sexual misconduct.  Naomi Wolfe has made a career of denying rape and undermining the US anti-rape movement. so she is no surprise among those going after Assange’s accusers. The issue would be better cast in terms of the international pursuit of Assange and what it means to rape victims.  My take on it is that there is no limit to which the US will go to get Assange, so I suspect US collusion with Sweden on these complaints which were announced immediately after the last Wikileaks dump. To reframe this issue, it might be useful for us to ask if the US, Great Britian or Sweden would go as far as they have to get Assange in behalf of any rape victim whose attacker has not embarrassed the US?

About Kathleen Barry

I am a feminist activist, author of five books including Female Sexual Slavery which launched an international movement against trafficking in human beings and a sociologist and Professor Emerita. My latest book Unmaking War, Remaking Men has prompted this blog.
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