Rape: Why are Men on the Left the Last Ones to Get That There are Rapists in Their Midst?

Following is my response to Daniel Elsberg’s defense of Julian Aussange against those “false and slanderous” rape charges as if it is inconceivable that Aussange, because he had done important work with Wikileaks could possibly have sexually assaulted those women in Sweden. See http://www.feministpeacenetwork.org/2011/01/06/im-a-left-wing-hero-therefore-i-couldnt-be-a-rapist-or-why-daniel-ellsberg-is-no-longer-my-hero/
Why are the men on the left, progressives the last to get that if one in four women are victims of rape, if pornography and prostitution have become massive industries, that a huge proportion of men sexually exploit women and children? As long ago as 1979 I pointed that out in Female Sexual Slavery. Progressive men appear to think that their entire population is outside of these facts, and hence exonerate Julian Aussange because he is one of them.

Daniel Ellsberg is modeling this behavior and thanks to Feminist Peace Network for exposing it as such, for we, women will have peace without rape or there will be no peace.

Why Daniel Ellsberg did you not personally get the accounts of the Swedish women before you stand in judgment against them? Instead of misogynist male bonding, why do you not call for a thorough police investigation that would either lead to charges being made or Aussange being exonerated. And by the way, you can still support Wikileaks for its courageous and significant work.

Kathleen Barry
Unmaking War, Remaking Men

About Kathleen Barry

I am a feminist activist, author of five books including Female Sexual Slavery which launched an international movement against trafficking in human beings and a sociologist and Professor Emerita. My latest book Unmaking War, Remaking Men has prompted this blog.
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3 Responses to Rape: Why are Men on the Left the Last Ones to Get That There are Rapists in Their Midst?

  1. Robert J. Charleson says:

    Hi, Kathleen,
    Surely the whole case in favour of Assange on the rape allegations revolves around the fact that these allegations were investigated in Sweden and found to be either groundless, or at worst insufficient to bring a case. Otherwise Assange would never have been allowed to leave Sweden. It is one thing for Assange to be selfish in his relationships with women, for which he appears to be guilty, and something else for him to have actually forced himself on them. Selfishness is not a crime. Otherwise most hippies would have been guilty of rape.

    • Swedish women alleged rape based on Assange’s refusal to stop when they said no. Force, according to an interview with one of the victims, was present. My concern is with Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Moore, Keith Olberman, Alex Cockburn among other male progressive leaders who instantly took Assange’s side, a huge setback for forty years of feminist consciousness raising about rape victims.

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