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December 10, 2013 International Human Rights Day with other feminist activists I am launching a new movement: Abolish Prostitution Now


By Kathleen Barry, Ph.D.

As long as violence of johns/punters is the criteria for identifying harm of those bought in prostitution, even when, as many do, the definition of violence is extended to include such things as humiliation, the burden for establishing harm of prostitution remains on those bought and will ultimately revert back to the issue of consent. Even in the prostitution of children, it is assumed that because the prostituted human being is a child s/he is harmed. That’s it. No additional violence is required to make child prostitution a human rights violation. BUT, the reason a child is harmed is because s/he is not considered as being able to consent due to being a child.

For once and for all, let us remove the issue of the victim’s consent in every case of sexual crimes. In calling for global recognition of prostitution as a violation of human rights, we are making a paradigm shift from issues like consent and choice or absence of consent and choice to the fact that prostitution in all of its occurrences violates the human rights of those purchased by the act of making the purchase and the act of the sex engaged by the purchaser.  

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Prostitution and Human Rights (Interview)

Kathleen Barry, PhD, Prof.em., 1/24/2014


The Prostitution Of Sexuality - eBook Available

The Prostitution Of Sexuality now available in eBook in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Recent laws to abolish prostitution by criminalizing those who buy it not those who sell it started here with this book. Booklist found Kathleen Barry's work "Frightening, provocative, controversial, and much needed  are a few words to describe this work of feminist scholarship that’s a follow-up to Barry’s groundbreaking Female Sexual Slavery."  Kindle | Google | Sony | Kobo

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Making War, Remaking Men

From the U.S. civil rights movement to global liberation of women, my activism is focused on liberation and self-determination which has brought me to my latest book, Unmaking War, Remaking Men.  I begin by trying to envision a future of peace and equality as well as freedom from violence and exploitation.  I get there by listening carefully and with empathy to women's stories, soldiers' testimonies and victims experiences.  Grounding in real life stories with their yearning for freedom and liberation begins the quest for a new kind of future.

The politics of empathy that emerges from Unmaking War, Remaking Men takes us from stories to social structures, from masculinity to the military, from state leadership to governments that violate human rights. In exposing women's inequality and human rights violations of women, as I did in Female Sexual Slavery and Prostitution of Sexuality, we discover new paths to human rights and equality. This is what led me to develop the Convention Against Sexual Exploitation which now serves as a model for state laws which have curtailed prostitution and trafficking in several countries. 

Whether it is the network of programs around the world for women and children escaping prostitution or the half-century of campaigns by Susan B. Anthony for women's rights and equality, I am privileged to be part of the global feminist activism that is changing the world.  I invite you, if you have not done so already, to be part of the solution by finding the activism that best suits you for unmaking war, remaking men.

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