How Cowardly Politicians Cave in to Israeli’s Expansion and Takeover of Palestinian Land

The Economist ran an article last week on the risk of war in the Middle East I responded:

The problem is that the Israeli government has no intention of giving up its settler movement or any other of its land encroaching strategies that force Palestinians into smaller and less resourceful spaces. And most American politicians particularly in the White House and Congress are too cowardly to stand up to the pro-Israeli lobby in the US which has either threatened or bought them. Israeli leadership goes to peace conferences as if to show good faith but there is nothing in their polices or actions to support that and everything to confirm an ongoing effort to push Palestinians out of the little land left to them. Kathleen Barry

About Kathleen Barry

I am a feminist activist, author of five books including Female Sexual Slavery which launched an international movement against trafficking in human beings and a sociologist and Professor Emerita. My latest book Unmaking War, Remaking Men has prompted this blog.
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